Why It Matters

A Strong Start Means a Healthy Life

Getting a new puppy or kitten is an exciting time! There's so much to remember—and to take adorable pictures of. We’re here to help you with all the health care needs your new fur baby requires to get off on the right paw, from vaccinations and deworming to training and socialization advice.

Forming the Foundation for Health

A new puppy or kitten in the house brings joy, laughter, and let’s face it—a lot of work. It can be easy to feel overwhelmed by all the care involved with a new fur baby, but we’ve got you covered!

Our team will provide a care plan that is tailored to your pup or kitten, and we’ll create a vaccination schedule that is key to protecting their fragile and growing immune systems. Parasite screenings and prevention are particularly important for young pets, as is proper nutrition for healthy growth. Frequent exams for puppies and kittens allow us to monitor their growth, answer any questions you have, and also get lots of cold-nosed kisses and cuddles.

Our puppy and kitten services include:

Vaccinations and boosters

Deworming and parasite prevention

Nutritional and growth assessments

Training and behavioral advice

Spaying and neutering

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Tips for a healthy pet

Why Spaying and Neutering Matters

In most cases, we recommend that puppies and kittens get spayed or neutered at around six months of age. This not only helps to reduce the unwanted pet population, but also prevents or reduces the risk of developing other health or behavioral issues. We’ll work with you to come up with a plan that is best for your pet—ask us for more information!

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